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Get a Sneak Preview of 'The ABCs of Death' Before It's in Theaters


Magnet will be showing a special sneak peek of The ABCs of Death in front of V/H/S showings in select Landmark theaters. Magnet will show D is for Dogfight directed by Marcel Sarmiento  who also made Deadgirl as the short.

If you aren’t familiar with The ABCs of Death, it’s exactly as it sounds—26 different filmmakers each make a horrific short film corresponding to one letter of the alphabet. The result is like some twisted childhood rhyme, if Roald Dahl had a taste for extreme carnage. The ABCs of Death will be in theaters on March 8, but catch the sneak preview at these V/H/S showings before hand:

Sunshine Cinema 5, New York City
Ritz at the Bourse, Philadelphia
E Street Cinema, Washington DC
Century Center Cinema, Chicago
Lagoon Cinema, Minneapolis
Tivoli Theatre, St. Louis
Esquire Theatre, Denver
Keystone Art Cinema, Indianapolis (midnight shows only)

This is pretty cool. It’s not often fans get to see horror anthologies, and generally, not a mini double feature.