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Get a 'Taste' of Hypocrisy's New CD

Swedish melodic death metal veterans Hypocrisy are at last following up their acclaimed 2005 album Virus with their twelfth full-length release, A Taste of Extreme Divinity, set to arrive this fall. Over the past week or so, the band has unveiled quite a few tempting glimpses of the evil to come, and we’ve compiled some of the tastiest morsels on the flipside…

According to a recent update from founder & frontman Peter Tägtgren, the band was nearly finished recording and mixing most of the tracks for the new record – which includes titles like “Valley of the Damned,” “Hang Him High,” “Weed Out the Weak” and “Tamed (Filled With Fear).” At that time, just a few vocal parts remained to be laid down, but first Tägtgren, who also serves as producer, needed to rest a bit. “It's just been too busy with touring and recording bands, and I didn't wanna burn myself out totally,” he reported.

Now that all the parts are complete, the band is very happy with the results: “It’s got everything a Hypocrisy album should have in our own point of view,” the band leader concluded. The album is also noteworthy for the epically wicked cover art (shown above) from acclaimed artist Necrolord, who has also done covers for notorious Norwegian black metal band Emperor.

A Taste of Extreme Divinity will hit North American shores on November 3rd from Nuclear Blast, and the band will also be promoting the album on a US tour, supporting Finnish metallers Ensiferum. Also along for the ride will be Canada’s unique Roman-themed death metal unit Ex Deo.