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Gettysburg Ghost Hunter Ends Thanksgiving Tour in Handcuffs


Gettysburg Ghost Hunters

2013 will go down in history as not being a very good year for the ghost hunting trade.  As if would-be Ghostbusters didn't already get enough flack, what with never actually documenting any real paranormal activity and all, a series of unfortunate events have plagued the ghost hunting community this year, beginning with an invesigation in an office building that ended with a big ole slap on the wrist.  Next, a group of young men burned down a historic building during their ghost hunting adventures, which may or may not have been an accident.  And now, news has come out about another investigation that didn't quite go down as planned.

As reported by the Miami Herald, a ghost hunter was conducting a tour of an allegedly haunted building in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Thanksgiving night, an investigation that lured in police rather than the intended spirits.  A patrolman saw flashlights inside of the closed building and assumed there was a robbery in progress, prompting him to enter the building and handcuff the ghost hunter and two tourists at gunpoint.

Police phoned the owner of the building, who told them that permission had been given for the tour.  Oops.

The Civil War-era building was where the first Union general in the Battle of Gettysburg spent his final moments, after being fatally wounded, and has been the sight of much paranormal activity over the years.