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Ghost Hunters Investigate House From 'A Christmas Story'


A Christmas Story house

Cleveland, Ohio is the site of Ralphie Parker's house from A Christmas Story, which a mega fan of the film purchased on eBay in 2004, and turned into a museum that pays tribute to the film.  The house, which was only used for exterior shots in the movie, was also meticulously restored to the way it looked on screen, and the fan even went so far as to turn the inside into an exact replica of the innards of Ralphie's house, which in the film was built on a Toronto sound stage.

Known as 'The Christmas Story House,' the museum has become a popular travel destination for fellow fans of the iconic holiday tale, and it's open for year-round tours.  But are fans the only ones who like to hang out in there?  Or do the spirits of the deceased also find comfort in Ralphie's home?

This past weekend, the ghost hunters of an upcoming TV show called American Haunts conducted a weekend-long investigation of the Christmas Story house, reports  Co-hosts Dave Rhode and Craig Gozzetti are the first paranormal investigators to be granted access to the house, and the results of their investigation will comprise the seventh episode of the show.

Prior to the investigation, Rhode said that footsteps were heard coming down the stairs into the gift shop, when no one was in fact coming down the stairs, and Gozzetti said that he was eager to bring his equipment down into the basement, which he expected to be a hotbed of paranormal activity.

No word yet on when or where we'll be able to watch American Haunts, but you can follow the show over on Facebook, where you'll soon find that information. More hauntings in Helltown, Ohio - the abandoned town filled with ghosts and legends.

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