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Giant Monsters Attack in Frightening Japanese Subaru Commercial


Attack on Titan

Though commercials will be the talk of the internet next Monday, in the wake of Sunday's Super Bowl, the Japanese got a jump on things by airing an eye-catching ad last week, which packs more crazy visuals into its 30 seconds than we'll likely see from all of this year's Super Bowl commercials combined.

Currently streaming on Netflix Instant is an anime series called Attack on Titan, an adaptation of a manga series that centers around massive humanoid monsters who eat human beings.  Next year will see the release of a live-action feature film adaptation of the popular series, and the film's director, Shinji Higuchi, just teased the carnage to come with an incredible commercial for Subaru, which brings the monsters from Attack on Titan to live-action life for the very first time.

What does the series have to do with Subaru, and why did the car company agree to such a partnership?  Honestly, we have no idea.  All we know is that the commercial is totally awesome, and that's quite frankly all we need to know.  Check it out below!

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