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Gift Guide: Check Out These 'Dexter' Replica Props


How big a fan are you of 'Dexter'? Have you ever wanted to have a prop from the show but figured collecting something like actual memorabilia might be a bit too expensive? Well then you're in luck, because Cloned Replicas has got you covered. At the moment, Cloned Replicas is offering 3 official 'Dexter' props fully authorized by Showtime - a Dexter Morgan ID badge (as seen worn by Michael C. Hall during Season One), a "smiley face" blood slide and a Jordan Chase (of Season Five) necklace. You can buy any of the three on the Cloned Replica website, but also keep tabs on their official Facebook page and stay tuned for future announcements. They've got a slew of other really awesome horror related props in the works that will blow you FEARnet readers away.

Official Dexter props from Cloned Replicas