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The 'Godzilla' Footage They Don't Want You to See


If you were at San Diego Comic Con last week, you may have gotten the chance to walk through Legendary's "Godzilla Experience," a "love letter" to fans of the giant movie monster. The first part of the experience is like a tour of Tokyo, with lots of props and memorabilia from various Godzilla movies. Visitors are invited to take lots of photos. But after that, alarms go off, and the military rushes you into an "elevator" to evacuate you before Godzilla attacks. It's fairly elaborate, especially for an exhibit that will only be open for less than a week. Video screens acting like windows in the final room show Godzilla thundering by. While the staff at the Experience swear that this is not the new Godzilla, my husband astutely pointed out that it seems silly for the company to spend the time and money to render a Godzilla that will only exist for five days in a single location. On top of that, the staff was very adamant that once the "attack" was under way, there was to be absolutely no photographs or video taken. I mean, a hardcore anti-photography policy. It was obviously not just part of the "act."

Luckily, nerds are never above shady tactics to get the scoop, and the Godzilla Experience was no exception. One Comic Con attendee (not affiliated with FEARnet, I swear) managed to keep the cameras rolling so that people on "the outside" can get a peek at Godzilla.

Again, this is allegedly not the new Godzilla. Allegedly. Judge for yourself.