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News Article

Gojira Prepares to Stomp Across the US!


When you think of dark, bizarre and ruthless waves of extreme metal sweeping across the globe, you might not immediately consider the south of France as one of the epicenters of that movement. But that nation’s reigning metal monsters – who go by the kaiju-inspired name Gojira – are about to change that attitude, thank you very much, with their first headlining US tour. Let the rampage begin after the jump!

The power of Gojira is nothing new to the metal faithful, of course – they’ve already blown audiences away on multiple tours and fests (including a successful supporting run with Lamb of God), and they’ve made many a top-ten list thanks to last summer’s chart-topping CD The Way of All Flesh.

But this spring they’re stepping to the forefront of the scene, with a headlining US tour scheduled to begin on May 1st. The opening salvo of dates is now posted on their MySpace, so you can find out if a city near you is targeted for destruction.

In the meantime, here’s a little taste of the madness on their menu – in the form of this surreal promo for “All the Tears,” directed by cult animator Jossie Malis…