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News Article

Golden Skeletons Form this German Church's Incredibly Unique Jungle Gym


skeleton jungle jim

If you thought the decorations at Thailand's White Temple were awesomely out of place, which include a zombie death pit and even a Predator, then you're surely going to love this insanely cool-looking jungle gym, which believe it or not resides in the backyard of a church!

As we spotted over on the Tumblr blog Kanye Western Front, this macabre play area is located on the same grounds as Germany's Holy Cross Church, which was built way back in 1885. Despite doing as much research as my computer could handle, I wasn't able to come up with any explanation as to when or why this bad boy was constructed, so I suppose your guess is as good as mine. All I know is, it's pretty damn cool.

Skeleton Jungle Gym

If anyone can point us to any further information about this golden structure, we would very much appreciate it!