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News Article

Good News All Around For 'Dead Space'


EA's highly anticipated survival-horror-in-orbit title Dead Space is promising not only to be one of the scariest games of this year, but one of the most groundbreaking as well. The game's feature of "strategic dismemberment" will be causing gamers joy and frustration at the same time for sure - and now it seems that said emotional fusion may be coming sooner for gamers than planned. Our pals over at G4 have gotten word that the release for the genre-bending alien encounter from hell will begin for 360, PS3, and PC owners alike a week ahead of the original release date, bumping it from October 21st to the new slot of October 14th (which according to initial press release will actually be two weeks earlier for PC gamers). This is a big victory for horror gamers as fans were forced earlier this month to watch zombie outfit Left 4 Dead get its release pushed back just over two weeks.


Still not impressed? Okay, well in addition to the grand news that you'll be enjoying Dead Space sooner than expected ? there?s also this: the second episode of the Dead Space web series has posted over at ? and guess what? It?s flippin? awesome. So go check that out while you count the minutes, hours, and days 'til you can get those paws on a copy of the real deal for home gaming console or PC.