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News Article

Good News/Bad News For 'The Walking Dead'

The good news, we all know: The Walking Dead will return with a full, 13-episode second season.  This, of course, is welcoming news after the abbreviated six-episode "season" we are almost done with.  But when can we expect to see season two?

Right now, it looks like next Halloween.  Yes, it seems that AMC is on the HBO/Showtime schedule.  True Blood starts in June.  Dexter starts in September.  Walking Dead starts at Halloween.  The reasoning is twofold, and frankly it makes sense.  The new season will start during AMC's Fearfest.  AMC will have four original series next year, which is a pretty big step for a network that has only been in the original programming game for a few years.

On the upside, Frank Darabont is likely to write and direct at least one episode next season.

Source: Hollywood Reporter