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News Article

Goodbye 2008! Hello Unclaimed Prizes! -- Enter Now to Win!


Remember that time you were on FEARnet racking your brain to answer an apparently simple trivia question about the director of Doomsday’s next project? I’m sure some of you still remember the day you picked answer D rather than the correct reply, C, with a fiery self-loathing. Well, I’m sorry that your begrudging nature has not let you forget that day, and I come to you with a bit of good news!

From now until January 9th, we’re giving you another chance to win that coveted Doomsday DVD along with many other prizes you may have missed out on! As 2008 comes to a close, we’ve inventoried our prizes and discovered some delectable DVDs and bodacious books that have gone unclaimed by our lucky winners, who, unfortunately for them, have either entered the wrong email address, let a spam catcher snag our congrats email or have simply fallen victim to a horrid “accident” arranged by a jealous trivia challenge entrée who did not win the prize. For a chance to win one of 10 prizes – including The Andromeda Strain, Doomsday, The Eye, Paranormal State and The Strangers on DVD – all you have to do is check out our contest rules and send an e-mail with your name to, with the subject line “Unclaimed Prizes 2008 Sweepstakes”. Good luck this time around!