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'The Goonies' R Good Enough - For Legos


Lego's Cuusoo is an addictive site. Lego fans can create their own sets, then others can vote on whether or not they would buy it. If a design gets 10,000 votes, the official Lego team will review the set and investigate turning it into a real, purchasable set. This system worked with the Back to the Future Delorean, and will hopefully work for Ghostbusters and Jurassic ParkThere is another set on the site that has my nerdy little heart skipping a beat: The Goonies.

The campaign from LyonsBlood features two playsets based on scenes in The Goonies: "Skeleton Scare," in which the Goonies have to play the right notes on a piano made of pirate bones; and "Fratelli Fracas," in which the Fratellis chase the Goonies over a dangerous waterfall. Both sets include interactive features, like a log that can be jiggled with a hidden lever or a waterfall that can "flood." 

Check them out, and be sure to vote for The Goonies Legos!