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Graphic Obsession - Our Favorite Zombie Comic Book Covers


We love The Walking Dead and we're psyched that it's coming back for its second season in a few days. To get everyone in the mood for blood and brains we've culled together our five favorite comic book covers featuring zombies. If it's illustrated and features the undead we're into it!

Marvel Zombies – Issue 1 Variant

There are a lot of great covers to the Marvel Zombies run of comics but our favorite is, (rotten) hands down, this cover variation by Arthur Sudyam perfectly mimics the original cover drawn by Todd McFarlane. Just look at that grinning maniacal skull. This is not the sweet and snippy Peter Parker we know and love.

The Haunt of Fear – Issue 17

The cover for this issue of The Haunt of Fear by "Ghastly" Graham Ingels features some of the grislier depictions of zombie faces we've ever seen. And this was illustrated and released in 1953! How was the content of this issue? Like the two other EC Comics horror anthologies (Tales from the Crypt and The Vault of Horror): decidedly hit or miss. But we love these bloated zombie heads and the rotten legacy they left behind.

Creepy – Issue 24

The terror in this poor guy's face is palpable. We love the strong, single image of the hand bursting out of the earth. And his watch is shattered, which we love for the attention to minute detail. This image is the essence of why we love zombies. The sheer terror of something coming back from the dead is perfectly rendered on the subject's screaming face.

The Walking Dead – Issue 6

We really could have picked any of the fabulous covers from Robert Kirkman's never-ending run of zombie comics. But there's something about this cover, illustrated by Tony Moore, that sends shivers down our spines. If you've read the issue, you know how pivotal the moment depicted really is. And nothing catches the somberness of death in a zombie-infested world like Autumn reds and oranges.

Tales from the Crypt – Issue 37

This Jack Davis Crypt cover gives us one of the most chilling depictions of a zombie ever seen. Released in 1953, this cover was well ahead of the zombie curve. The exposed rib cage and rotting clothes of this zombie give us the creeps, but it's the caved in skull and blurred lines between caked-on mud and rotting flesh that really send this zombie into the legendary halls of stinking flesh!