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News Article

The Greatest Horror Shirt Ever?

OK, as loathe as I am to discuss store-exclusive pre-order bonuses (after all, it was one of my Top 8 Annoyances of 2008) I am genuinely, idiotically excited for this one.  If you pre-order Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles at GameStop, you’ll receive a RE: DC t-shirt…who cares, right?  Wrong.  Check out why this is the greatest advancement in textile technology ever after the break!

For those that are confused by mechanics of this, try this experiment on your own shirt, unless you’re at work or out in public, in which case this can get a little embarrassing.  Grab the front edge of the shirt’s seam and pull it up and over your face and head.  Now imagine that there’s a snarling zombie puss silkscreened on the cloth that’s now in front of your face, and imagine chasing your spouse/significant other/roommate/pet/child around like this.  The possibilities are endless!

In case you’re wondering why this looks familiar, this was also the t-shirt that Capcom had “exclusively” at the recent San Diego Comic Con.  So not only do I get to throw my last shred of dignity out the window, I get to do it for free!  Thanks GameStop!