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News Article

Green Day Releases 'Breaking Dawn' Ballad, 'The Forgotten' - No, This Isn’t a Trick


File this story under things that make me feel sad and old.

I suppose it was only a matter of time after their song was used for the Seinfeld finale and their album adapted into a musical, that Green Day would show up in the Twilight saga.

I am embarrassed to watch these images of the forty-something Green Day members overlapped with images of a youthful vampire Bella and her sparkling Edward jumping and flitting through the forest. Honestly, this video is the modern-day equivalent of the video for Poison’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn. At some point I expect Bella to come out and carry an exhausted Billy Joe offstage.

But don’t take this bitter and elderly former fan’s word for it, watch The Forgotten below.