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News Article

Greenlight for Outback Hack-a-Thon ‘Wolf Creek 2’


THAT’s a knife.

If Mick Dundee had a deranged, blood-thirsty cousin bent on serially tormenting hikers in the Australian Outback, he wouldn’t hold a candle to Mick Taylor of Wolf Creek fame. reports that the much-anticipated follow up to Greg McClean’s 2005 indie has finally gotten the green light funding from Screen Australia. Lead John Jarrett, who can also be seen in Tarantino’s Django Unchained, will reprise his role as Mick Taylor and it can only be assumed this second installment will be that much more bloody, and well, Australian than the first. We can only imagine what throwing some meat on the barbie means to Mick Taylor.

Watch a clip of Mick Taylor in action.