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Gremlins, Robocop and Other Classics Turned Into Stained Glass Windows


If that Hellraiser stained glass window we posted about last month left you itching to see what some of your other favorite movies would look like if given the same treatment, then you're in luck!

Based out of Turin, Italy, the artists of Van Orton Design are big fans of classic 80s movies, and they also happen to have a heavy interest in the artistry of the stained glass window.  Taking the art form out of the church and into the land of pop culture, they've just unveiled an entire collection of the most unique posters you've ever seen, movies like Gremlins, Robocop and The Terminator all being beautifully depicted in the colorful stained glass style.

Check out a few of the pieces below and then head over to the Van Orton Design website to see more.  Over there you'll also find work-in-progress images of each of the posters, along with modified versions that show what the art would look like if actually turned into stained glass windows.  The posters are for sale, and you can contact the guys through the website!

Gremlins Stained Glass

Robocop Stained Glass

Terminator stained glass

Big Trouble in Little China stained glass