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'Grimm's' Ratings Anything But Grim

Grimm faced obstacles from before it began. It is the second fairytales-in-the-real-world series this season (Once Upon a Time premiered last weekend). It has no recognizable faces in the cast. It is in a tough time slot, Fridays at 9pm, competing against other genre fare Fringe and Supernatural. And due to a rained-out baseball game, Grimm's premiere was now scheduled to air against game seven of the World Series. But the ratings are in, and Grimm has exceeded expectations. More after the jump.

Even with everything seemingly weighing against Grimm, the series premiered last Friday night to 6.5 million viewers. This makes Grimm NBC's highest-rated drama series premiere this season, and also carries the distinction of being the highest rated, non-sports, Friday night program in the coveted 18-49 demo since last New Year's Eve.

Source: TV By the Numbers