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Gruesome Vintage Footage Shows Russian Alien Autopsy


Though 1947's Roswell incident is of course the most publicized event in extraterrestrial history, Russia had their own encounter with aliens a couple decades later, a story that is every bit as compelling but for whatever reason not nearly as talked about.

Story goes that in 1969 the Russian military discovered a crashed spacecraft of unknown origin near the district of Sverdlovsk, finding the dead body of an extraterrestrial being inside.  Wanting to learn more, they took the alleged alien into the lab, performing an autopsy on the little guy.

Now here’s where things get really interesting, and just a wee bit terrifying.  The entire autopsy was recorded on video, serving as proof – if you choose to believe the footage isn’t fake – that the whole thing actually did happen.

I must warn you that the video is not for the faint of heart - it is, after all, an autopsy - but you can check it out below if you so desire.

As The Huffington Post reports, this footage and the story are nothing new, but a new twist has just been added to the mystery courtesy of Voice of Russia, one of the top five radio broadcasters in the entire world.  The network just ran a story on the 1969 incident, suggesting that the video is real and that Russia has known about alien civilizations for decades.  This is noteworthy considering how reputable a source Voice of Russia is, though there's still no way of knowing whether the footage is real or a highly impressive hoax.

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