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News Article

Guillermo del Toro Dabbling in the Supernatural Side of DC Comics?


Just about two months ago, I examined how DC Comics could explore their more supernatural mythos for their upcoming DC movie universe, bringing characters like Swamp Thing and Deadman to the silver screen.  Now, it seems the busiest man in show business, Guillermo del Toro, wants to take all of DC’s magical/supernatural characters and combine them into a massive team-up film.

del Toro’s been attached to Deadman for years (I even suggested he would be the best man for the job), but according to Latino Review, Deadman is just one of the characters that would be in a rumored team that would consist of characters like The Spectre, Swamp Thing, John Constantine, The Phantom Stranger, the Demon Etrigan, and several others.

Seeing as how I mentioned those six characters in my article, I’m feeling a little creeped out at the moment.  Either I should be getting some sort of consultant fee, or I have developed the ability to see the future.  If it’s the latter, I will be taking my leave of FEARnet and going to play the ponies.

Regardless of my newfound psychic abilities, there is a huge amount of potential in a huge supernatural team film for DC and Warner Bros., and I eagerly await whatever del Toro has up his sleeves for DC’s unique occult universe.