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News Article

Gunfire 76 Leaks 'Rough' Mix of First Track


Wednesday 13's latest project, '70s ultra-glam outfit Gunfire 76, has just posted the title track from their upcoming debut album Casualties & Tragedies on their official MySpace. It turns out the track was actually an incomplete mix, and the band kinda posted it up by accident... but for a demo, it's pretty damn badass. Find out more about the track, the record and their upcoming tour after the jump!

According to Wednesday's latest blog update, the early 'rough mix' of 'Casualties' that you can hear right now on their MySpace is the result of what he calls “Our great plan... kind of backfired.” Apparently they were attempting to test the track privately, but “as there is no way to make a band page private in MySpace 2.0… screw it, everyone gets to hear the song.”

He goes on to point out that the song is not in a finished state, but is still awaiting the final mixing and mastering process. “These two steps will change the way the song sounds,” he explains. “It will be louder, cleaner and will have more of a punch. We wanted to let you all hear what we have been working on... so you get a feel for what the band will sound like."

Casualties & Tragedies the album is the Murderdolls shock-rocker's tribute to the showmanship, cock-rocking attitude and “in-your-face rock 'n' roll” of the bands that influenced him growing up – including KISS, Stooges, Dead Boys and New York Dolls. The album is slated for release on October 6th, with both USA and British tours to follow one month later (November 6-24 in the States, then December 1-12 in the UK). Bullets & Octane and The Becoming will provide the support for the US venues.