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News Article

GWAR Launch 25th Anniversary Tour Today!

Hot on the spiked platform heels of their chart-busting new album Lust In Space, those beloved mutant metallers from beyond known as GWAR are all rested, with batteries fully charged (you really don't want to know what charges their batteries, believe me) after a whirlwind media campaign for the album – which included a series of notorious appearances by frontman Oderus Urungus on Fox's Red Eye. They're now ready to launch their next global assault to commemorate a quarter century of filth, gore and utter depravity – and music, of course – starting right now! More info below the fold...

Promising to bring 'utter devastation' upon an unprepared but nevertheless willing world, Oderus recently announced that the band members 'have retreated back to Antarctica for the nonce, to burst pimples into bedpans and prepare for the next part of our latest plan to conquer the universe.'

That devious plan goes into effect today when the band takes the stage in Memphis, Tennessee, after which they will proceed across North America throughout the remainder of the year, with support from metal luminaries like Lamb of God, Job for a Cowboy and The Red Chord.

For ticket info and a complete tour itinerary, check out GWAR's official site.