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News Article

GWAR Vow to Continue Touring in Guitarist's Honor

Despite the tragic loss of long-time guitarist Cory Smoot – best known among fans as Flattus Maximus – monster metallers GWAR have decided that they would be doing his memory a disservice if they did not continue on the upcoming European leg of their "Return of the World Maggot Tour." Frontman David Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, made a statement declaring that the tour would continue as planned, so that fans around the world could pay their respects to the fallen warrior. Read more of the announcement after the jump...

"When Cory died, we all wanted to go home and take care of the family and our own grief," Brockie said. "But the best way to do that is by playing all the shows we have planned. The response from the U.S. metal community and especially the whole international GWAR family has been overwhelmingly supportive... these GWAR fans need the chance to pay their respects to Cory, and canceling any shows would deprive them of that." He went on to rally the European fans together in celebration of "one of the most amazing players in metal... We shall honor Flattus Maximus in the only way we know how... by rocking the fuck out!"

The band and their label, Metal Blade Records, have set up a charitable fund to support Cory's family. Donations can be made through the Smoot Family Fund at this link. Brockie called on "everybody from our rock star buddies to the most zit-covered bohab" to help out.

Oderus himself stepped in to declare that the character of Flattus is now permanenly retired, and that he had  "stolen our Skumship and returned to his beloved home planet, Planet Home. So once again we are marooned on your miserable planet!"

The clip below features a very rare appearance of all the remaining GWAR members performing unmasked in tribute to Smoot during a show in Portland, Oregon. The audio's not so great, but it's a historic moment nonetheless...