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GWAR's Oderus Booted from FOX News

After years of popular guest appearances on FOX News' Red Eye as their official "Intergalactic Correspondent," GWAR front-creature Oderus Urungus has been unceremoniously dumped from the talk show. Most fans of the ultimate monsters of rock probably heard the news through a couple of recent tweets by Oderus himself, who is not exactly known for holding back when he's in a foul mood (not that he's in any other kind of mood). More details on the story lurk below, so hit the jump and find out what the hell happened over there...

"I got canned because Sarah Palin complained that we disemboweled her," Oderus tweeted in outrage. "The nerve of that woman!" In case you didn't catch our story last December, the band had chosen Palin as one of the many celebs, politicians and other public figures to be torn apart in foam-rubber effigy as part of the their notoriously gory and totally hilarious stage show. (If you missed it before, we reposted a clip of the mock execution below.)

Obviously Palin's followers can't take a joke, because the resulting negative backlash finally made its way back to FOX News, where Palin herself has been a regular commentator. According to an article in, Oderus (aka Dave Brockie) suddenly stopped getting calls to return to the show, on which he'd done many comedy guest spots. When he finally confronted Red Eye host Greg Gutfield, he found out why: the network execs had decreed Oderus was no longer welcome.

In a follow-up tweet, Oderus rallied legions of GWAR fans: "Sound off like you got a pair if you think it sucks that I am not on Red Eye anymore!"

If you want to see what started all the fuss, watch some Palin-slayin' courtesy of GWAR: