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News Article

GWAR's Oderus Prints First Novel!


No, you're not imagining that headline. Dave Brockie, better known to monster-metal fans as GWAR front-beast Oderus Urungus, once wrote a novel entitled Whargoul, and you can finally buy the printed version... and you know, read it and stuff. The book itself is nothing new to GWAR fans, of course: Dave's been working on this book since the late '90s, and it's been available for nearly two decades... but today the whole hideous tale of depravity has taken on a certain sophistication. Flip it over to find out more about this diabolical literary undertaking...

Described as a “sprawling epic of modern war and ancient necromancy,” Whargoul tells the story of an undead beast who lives off the blood and devastation of war. Brockie first came up with the idea while touring Europe with GWAR and rendered a form of the character for the band's old comic Slave Pit Funnies, then wrote a song about him for the album Ragnarök. Finally he decided that the Whargoul story warranted a novel-length adaptation, and put pen to paper. He unfortunately lost his written draft somewhere along the way, and had to rewrite the whole damn thing when he acquired a laptop a couple of years after that.

Dave eventually posted the completed tale to his website, where it was (and still is) available for free download. It was eventually discovered by publisher Jeff Burk of Portland's Eraserhead/Deadite Press, who saw the potential among cult, splatter and metal fans. “This is not a book for everybody,” Burk said, “but those who get it will love it.”

You can buy Whargoul at Amazon or directly from Eraserhead Press.