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News Article

Hallmark Shows Off Upcoming Alien Ornament



If there's any company you'd least expect to deliver products based on horror movies, it's probably Hallmark - the family friendly purveyors of sappy greeting cards and cute Christmas ornaments.  Which is why it's both suprising and totally awesome that Hallmark is indeed headed into horror territory, for three 2014 ornament offerings that are sure to terrorize children and old women alike!

It was this past summer - at San Diego Comic Con - that Hallmark announced they would releasing ornaments inspired by Alien, Jaws and Frankenstein next holiday season, showing off prototype images at their booth.  At this past weekend's NY Comic Con, their Xenomorph ornament came to life, giving us our first glimpse at what it will actually look like when it's dangling from our Christmas tree.

Other ornaments beware - a Xenomorph is comin' to town!!