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News Article

Halloween Horror Nights Adds a Universal Monsters Remix


Universal Studios has announced another addition to their annual Halloween Horror Nights lineup: "Universal Monsters Remix."

From the official press release: "Set within the antechambers of an eerily gothic castle, the new 'Universal Monsters Remix' maze will unleash a cast of movies most legendary creatures, including Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride, Dracula and his Brides, Phantom of the Opera and The Wolf Man.  From deep within the stone fortress, accompanied by ominous strobe lighting effects, guests will traverse dark and dank arteries of rotting catacombs, hallowed underground crypts and pagan sacrificial burial chambers.  Laced with the murmur of dialog from Universal’s catalogue of horror films, guests will be besieged by the relentless sounds of high-energy, horror-inspired dance, dub-step and industrial music."

Now, I love Halloween Horror Nights. I think it is one of the most impressive Halloween events in the country. But this sounds ridiculous. It sounds like a throwback to late 80s kitsch. Why not just call it "Monster Dance Party" and blast "Monster Mash" all night? I love kitsch, but Halloween Horror Nights is not about kitsch.

Prove me wrong, Universal. Prove me wrong.