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News Article

Halloween in Tokyo - Skinny Puppy Style!


Well, hell... just when we thought the ultimate Halloween party this year would be the Daemonia show in Rome, along comes something just as awesome – as if that were even possible.

It turns out cEvin Key, co-founder of legendary electronic band Skinny Puppy, is taking on the role of DJ for a midnight-till-dawn “Midnight Mess” Halloween set at world-famous club MARZ in Tokyo Saturday. According to the band's website, Key will be gigging from midnight to 5AM with the assistance of Toyko's own DJ OTO and more guests to be announced shortly.

Skinny Puppy has taken a mighty interest in Japan lately, and the band is actively looking for a Japanese promotion company to help them book shows there for their next tour.

Hmm... if we volunteer for medical experiments this afternoon, we might be able to raise the cash for a red-eye flight to Japan Saturday... but then we'd only have one more week to sell enough plasma to make that Daemonia gig on Friday. Hey, you only die once... and what a way to go.