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'Hammer Glamour'

Britain’s Hammer Films revived the gothic mystique that Hollywood temporarily lost back in the fifties (when classic monsters got shoved aside in favor of atomic-powered beasties), and part of the studio’s appeal was an endless array of Europe’s most eye-popping, bodice-bursting beauties. That selling point really hits home in this coffee-table compendium of lush photos depicting Hammer’s most ravishing wenches. None of us need to be reminded that screen icons like Racquel Welch, Ingrid Pitt and Caroline Munro are incredibly easy on the eyes, but I’m sure glad Marcus Hearn thought of collecting their images in one book. When you’re done ogling the large photos, you can read a detailed bio for each of these lovely femmes fatales.

This gift is sure to score anyone with an eye for sensual, alluring and dangerous beauty... or even folks who just dig looking at boobies. For less than 20 bucks on Amazon, it's too good to pass up.

$19.77 at Amazon