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'Hannibal' Gets Cannibalized


NBC pulled the fourth episode of Hannibal for sensitivity. "Ceuf" had a storyline that centered around kids killing kids, and in light of the events in this country in the last few months, the network decided it was in bad taste to air the episode.

Or, at least, the complete episode. Realizing that there was important character development in "Ceuf," NBC released the episode online, as a severely edited webseries. Executive producer Bryan Fuller calls it the "cannibalized" version. Interestingly, in an intro he does to the abbreviated episode, he encourages viewers to seek out the unedited episode (which will air in its entirety in every other market outside the United States).

The "webisodes" essentially focus on any scene that does not deal with the "procedural" part of the episode - the hunt for the killer o' the week. What we are left with is a sloppy - but still fascinating - collection of scenes dealing with the emotional states of Abigail, Will, Hannibal, and Alana. It is less than half the episode, but we learn some interesting things. Most important is the growing relationship between Hannibal and Abigail. Bound by their secrets, Hannibal is becoming a father figure to Abigail (a role that Will wants to fill, but fights against, knowing it is against his and Abigail's best interest). He checks her out of the psychiatric hospital and brings her back to his place for a home cooked meal and home brewed psychotropic tea.

You can watch the "webisodes" in their entirety below. I recommend checking it out before tonight's episode (10pm on NBC). And if anyone knows where to get an uncut version of the episode....