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'Happy Birthday to Me' DVD

Here's one of those rare but wonderful moments in horror cinema: an oddball early-'80s attempt by a major studio to capitalize on the slasher boom in the wake of Halloween and Friday the 13th, with name actors (including Glenn Ford and Melissa Sue Anderson), an Oscar-nominated director and high-gloss production values... not to mention one of the goofiest who-done-it plotlines in slasher history, which revolved (in true giallo style) around some outrageous death scenes.

This year Happy Birthday to Me finally got a proper release from Anchor Bay, with the restored original score (which is very chilling) and original promotional art for the film – which was known for having a very entertaining ad campaign ('Six of the most bizarre murders you will ever see!'). In this form, it's just the thing to round out the collection of any '80s slasher fan on your list... or your own, for that matter.

$10.00 from Amazon