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Harper's Dead - Our Exclusive Interview With Victim Hunter Jennings


Despite having his head blown away by a booby-trapped shotgun, we scored an exclusive interview with "The Other Man" on Harper's Island, Hunter Jennings.   The actor behind the sleaze is Victor Webster, whose long list of credits include stints on Charmed, Mutant X and CSI: Miami.  Victor tells us about the good and bad of having a quick, none-too-tortured death, and gives us a sneak peek at the much-maligned horror film, Primal Scream.

When did you first find out you were going to be a victim?

Somewhere near the beginning.  I knew I was only on for a handful of episodes – I didn't know how many.  So I knew I would "get the axe" eventually – I wouldn't be there until the end.

How did you find out that you were next on the chopping block?

I had no idea until I read the script. 

Were you disappointed that your death came so soon?

I was.  I was having a lot of fun on the show.  I loved shooting up in Vancouver.  I would have loved to stay on, but you know – everyone has their place.

Did the camaraderie on set change at all when everyone found out you were the next victim?

No, not really, because that was what was happening on the show.  Everyone was worried about their own butt – when they were going to be taken off.  Someone would read their script and say, "Oh man, I just found out that I am dead next week," and people who hadn't gotten to that page would go, "What?!  What's going on?  How do you die?"  It was more like a game.  It was fun; everyone had such a great time.  So it wasn't a big deal because every episode one, two, three people are going to die.  It's just a matter of time.

What did you think about your death scene?

I liked it – it was pretty extreme.

It was a lot less torturous than the deaths of those before you.

Yeah.  It was a booby trap – like a last-ditch effort to get me.  It wasn't like someone was stalking me or anything.

Would you have wanted a more agonizing screen death?

As an actor, you would always like the chance to play that.  But as a human being, I would want it as quick as possible.  So the way Hunter went out was perfect.

If Hunter had lasted longer into the season, where do you think his character would have gone?

I think his game plan would have been to get as much dirt on Henry as possible – try to find a bad angle on Henry to discredit him and make him look like less of a Prince Charming.  Maybe he would also dig up some dirt on Mr. Wellington, to get back into his good graces.  He would have been more cunning.  But it's tough to do without a head.

Who do you think will be the next victim?

You know what, I have no idea.  They come out of nowhere.  You have absolutely no idea who is going next.  And the people you least expect are sometimes the ones that get it.

Who do you think the killer is?

I think it is the little white dog – Gigi.  I think she has a chip on her shoulder, and is going to make everyone pay.  She's out there, foraging in the forest, getting big and strong.  I think she has recruited a couple of wolves from the island to help.

Can you tell us anything about the on-again, off-again serial slasher Primal Scream?

It was supposed to be filming at the moment, but it's not.  With the economy the way it is, I think there have been problems with the financing.  I hope it goes!

Can you give us any more info about it?

I play a military special forces guy who is hitchhiking home from active duty.  This group of young 20-somethings pick me up, but the road to the airport is closed, so we take back roads.  Along the way, our windshield is smashed, and when we get out of the car to figure out what is happening, people start dying.  I'm the hero in this one.

Any hope of playing a bad guy?

I would love to!  I usually play the good guy, or the love interest, and Harper's was fun because Hunter had a dark side.  It was nice to play someone with an edge, someone that everyone isn't rooting for.  I would love to kill someone on TV or in a movie!

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