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Harper's Dead - We Chat Exclusively With Victim Kelly Seaver!


Harper’s Island has killed with a bang: immolation, decapitation, bi-section.  But sometimes it’s more effective to go out with a whisper.  Kelly Seaver, “The Outcast,” played by Anna Mae Routledge, is found in her own home, hanged.  In our exclusive interview, Anna Mae tells us why it’s creepier to be the silent, dangly type.

How did they tell you that you were going to die?

I actually got the “death hand” tap on the shoulders from Karim [Zreik], one of the producers, and he said, “We need to talk.”  He pulled me aside and said, “I’m sorry to tell you, but you will not be continuing.  You will be dying this episode.”  It was an interesting moment, because he also filled me in on a lot of info on my character [that we found out in the episode].  So I got to know a lot, and grieve a lot.

It sounds like it’s a cross between breaking up and getting fired.

Yeah!  But it was more like breaking up, because they were sorry to see us go.  It was also a really big surprise about who they would murder that week.  I never would have guessed that Lucy was also going to go in that episode.

What did you think about your death?

I thought it was great – really subtle and kind of creepy.  It wasn’t as “slasher” as Uncle Marty’s death.  It wasn’t as “illuminating” as Lucy’s.  It’s like a mini-mystery: did Kelly off herself, or was this part of the string of murders?

So it might have been suicide?

I feel like there is definitely some mystery “hanging” in the air.

Do you have any theories on who the killer might be?

I don’t know.  Each episode is really tricky.  You never really know who is getting offed, or who the killer is.  So I don’t know.  My bet right now is on JD, because he is just so darn creepy.

What is coming up for you?I’ve got a fun movie coming up called I Love You, Beth Cooper that comes out in June.  I play another outcast, a very lonely, awkward 17-year-old high school student.  Then I have an episode of Smallville coming up, in which I get a little payback for all the outsider roles I’ve been playing.  I get to play a very “electrifying” character who is one of the “meteor freaks.”  It airs near the end of season 8 – you’ll have to tune in to see!

Tell us about your role in 2012.

Yeah, I play a very stern officer on one of the ships.  It was a ton of fun to shoot.  What a crazy huge project that was!  It was the biggest green screen I had ever seen in my entire life.  I was fighting back with law & order,  then these natural disasters pop up!

Is it hard to do so much shooting on a green screen?
No, not really.  You just lose yourself in the action with all the people around you.  It was lots of fun, a great director, fun to work with.  We got lots of creative license on that project.

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