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Harper's Dead: We Speak with 'The Flirt' (Cameron Richardson) and "The Outsider" (Adam Campbell)


Next week is the season finale of Harper's Island.  But this week it was a curtain call for much of the cast: Chloe, Cal, Niki, and Shane.  While it has been revealed that John Wakefield is alive and well (if psychosis can be described as "well") and back to his old games, the show is hinting at another menace on the island.  We have only a few more days to wait until all the secrets are revealed, but, until then, we spoke with Cameron "Chloe" Richardson and Adam "Cal" Campbell on what it's like to almost survive the Island.  Plus, Adam gives us a sneak peek at his role in NBC's midseason drama, Day One.

How did you find out you were the next victim?

Cameron: I was in Vancouver.  It was cold.  I felt a vibration… it was my cell phone.  I looked at the caller ID.  It was Karim, and a shiver went down my spine…

Adam: Karim told me face-to-face.  He found me on set, and just said, "Dude."  That was it.  And I knew.

Were you surprised to have lasted as long as you did, or did you think you would survive?

Cameron: I thought I would be gone sooner – like episode 7.

Adam: We were guaranteed seven episodes.  After that it was week-to-week.  I thought we would make it to seven episodes and that would be it.  So yeah, I was surprised to make it to episode 11.

Who do you think is the killer?

Cameron: Madison.

Adam: It's gotta be Madison.  She is so creepy. 

Cameron: She is actually a 45-year-old little person.

Adam: Who is exceptionally strong and violent.

Cameron: Either that or me and Cal coming back to haunt the island.

Was Cassandra Sawtell, the actress playing Madison, that creepy?

Adam: Absolutely not.  She is possibly the most lovely child actress I've ever met.

Cameron: We were reading the Twilight novels together.  I would run to her room and say, "What is going on with Jacob??"  She talked me through it.

Adam: You were reading Twilight together?  I was reading Twilight too, but no one talked me through anything.

As the cast dwindled, how did the mood on the set change?

Cameron: We weren't in one episode, so we were not on set for a week.  When we got back, the mood had gone from fun to dark and gloomy.

Adam: It's like being in prison.  People would drop off – there one day, gone the next.  You would hear people saying, "So-and-so is getting it next week."

Cal & Chloe seemed to "disappear" a lot – missing from wedding events, or off doing their own thing.  What's up with that?

Cameron: We were sailing.  Us against the world.

Adam: It's an interesting point.  We were always a bit removed.  We were the last to find out that something bad was happening on the island.  We were just so involved with each other.

Cameron: It made our deaths more important to each other.

Cameron, you were not a direct victim of Wakefield's.  Do you feel a little gypped about that?  Or do you prefer to "stand out"?

Cameron: I actually thanked the producers for such an awesome scene.  I wasn't just another victim; it was a hero's death.  Chloe had a choice, and she chose to take her fate into her own hands, to be with her love on her terms. 

Adam, tell us about your role in the upcoming NBC apocalyptic drama, Day One.

Adam:  We haven't shot the series yet, just the pilot.  I play a technophile – a software genius who lives in the San Fernando Valley [in Los Angeles].  In the pilot, meteorites are hitting all over the world, at the same time.  No one knows what is going.  Could it be aliens?  Could it be an attack from within?  It becomes clear that the people in my apartment complex have been brought together to save the world.  I think we are going to start shooting around September or October; I think we air in February.

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