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Harper's Dead -- We Talk to the Island's Latest Victim!


Nice guys finish last… or in this case, fifth from last.  Sean Rogerson, who played "The Nerd," Joel Booth, is the latest victim to meet a bloody end on Harper's Island.  But rather than being tortured, maimed, and dismembered like the other victims, Booth bleeds out from an accidental gunshot.  Or did he…?  Sean speaks exclusively to FEARnet about Harper's Island conspiracies, the bond between groomsmen, and why no one notices that Lucy is missing.

What was your reaction when you first found out how you died?

Honestly?  I was kind of bummed out.  I was hoping to be cut in half or something like that.  I wanted to be able to go to set and hold a full-sized dead body of myself.

Did they tell you how you were going to die, or did you just read it?

They told me, but originally I died in a completely different way.  Originally, I was going to have a shotgun or something.  I was going to be walking through the forest, trip, fall, and shoot myself in the face.  I know I'm supposed to be "The Nerd," but could it get any worse than that?  I wanted a death where the audience would either feel sorry for me, or think it was really awesome.  But my death… I just didn't think it would be either.  But when it came down to it, I think it came out better than I thought it would.

How did that scene evolve from you dying alone to you dying in your buddy's arms?

I don't know really.  When it came time to shoot it, the director just told me, "You're going to get scared, pull out the gun, then shoot yourself and bleed out."

Your death is sadder and more tender than the others that we have seen.  What was it like to film?

It was surprisingly tough.  Being in the groomsmen group, everything we filmed for those first few episodes, we were always together.  We formed a tight bond, hanging out all the time, between scenes and off-set.  I was pulled aside and told that I was next to die, and I went and told Chris Gauthier [who plays Malcolm, the groomsman who held Booth as he died] that I was the first groomsman to go.  We stopped for a few minutes, had to hold ourselves – we were a little upset, so we didn't talk about it too much.  We all knew we were going to go eventually, but being the first to go really added to the emotion of that scene.  Having him there with me in the scene was really like saying goodbye to a friend.  It was sad.

But the cast and crew were sad with every death – it wasn't just mine.  It was such a great group that everyone was having a hard time saying goodbye.

If you could have picked any on-screen death, what would it have been?

I liked dying in the woods, but I wanted to be chased down and caught, have my body severed in half, something horrendous and brutal.  But having a heartfelt send-off is a good way to go, too.  It's better than something in the middle – like tripping and shooting yourself in the face.

Did your character really shoot himself, or is this just a "red herring," to confuse the viewer?

Well, that is one of those things that you are just going to have to wait and see.  You can't let on to what is going on – it's part of the mystery.

Who do you think the killer is?

Boy… I don't know if I can guess that.  It changed week to week for me.  I am going to play along and guess with each episode, like everyone else.

Who do you think the next victim will be?

Well, I can't really say because I have advance knowledge.  But I will say that next episode, it will be another surprise, and it will just get better and better and better. The stories are evolving so much.  I can't wait for people's reactions as the show progresses.

How is it that people in the wedding party aren't noticing when people are missing?  I know "Uncle Marty" sent a text saying he would be gone for a few days, but what about Lucy?

This is the evolution of television, I suppose.  In the original script, Lucy was supposed to go back to the mainland to talk to an ex-boyfriend or someone to come to the wedding as her date.  She had mentioned it to one of the guests, and one of the guests mentioned it to everyone else, but I don't know what happened to that.  I may have missed it, but I don't think so, because a lot of people are asking me that question.  My mother was very upset.  She didn't understand why no one noticed that Lucy was missing.