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News Article

'Hatchet 2' Gets the Axe


This weekend, Hatchet 2 was pulled from Canadian theatres because of "rules against unrated films there and the risk of a fine," director Adam Green tweeted.  Maybe U.S. theatres aren't so different, because the AMC theatre chain here is pulling the film after worse-than-dismal box-office numbers.  More after the jump

Pulling in barely more than $60k on opening weekend, you could say that Hatchet 2 is being pulled for poor ticket sales.  But after patrons were carded, and theaters raided and threatened with fines, it is logical to believe that the theater chains just panicked.  Green promises a complete press release tomorrow, so until then, check out his Twitter page for up-to-the-minute info.

For the record, I had about a dozen bad puns for the title of this article.  Luckily, editorial mandates saved you from enduring all of them.