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News Article

Helalyn Flowers STITCHES Up New Album!


Italian electro-gothic duo Helalyn Flowers made news recently for their cover of “I Feel You” for the new Depeche Mode tribute album from Alfa Matrix, and the self-dubbed “Electro-Alienating Beat Rock Band” has even bigger events in store this year – in the form of their second full-length album, Stitches of Eden. Find out more below the fold!

According to a recent blog posting from band members NOemi and Maxxx, Stitches has been in the works for several months and is now proceeding to Temple Of NOise Studios in Rome to begin mixing under the guidance of producer Christian Ice (Theatres Des Vampires). The official release date is still pending, but the band has revealed some of the track titles, which include “Friendly Strangers,” “Your Killer Toy,” “As Angels Spying Mars” and “Never Enough.”

But if just reading about it isn’t enough, the band has also posted preview tracks for the pre-mastered versions of “Psychic Vamp” and “Wide Awake” on their official MySpace, so be sure to check them out pronto!