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News Article

Help Prodigy Kill the INVADERS!


UK techno wizards The Prodigy have just launched an online shoot-em-up game to promote their upcoming album Invaders Must Die. Along with some other promotional goodies, the game is being hosted by music site NME and enables players to help the band’s robotic mascot take on a variety of bad guys – from insectoid monsters to police-state goons on wheels.

It’s a pretty bland side-scroller, but it’s worth it for the pulse-pounding soundtrack, comprised entirely of songs from the new album – which is slated for release later this month. First single “Omen” is already available for download exclusively at iTunes (the wider release for the single is 2/16).Head over to NME and join the resistance… but before you go, check out the video for “Omen” below: