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News Article

Help Save a Piece of Horror History

Does this look familiar to you? It should. This is the Evans City Cemetery Chapel, which was the centerpiece for George Romero's seminal zombie flick, Night of the Living Dead. Unfortunately, the chapel - currently being used as a storage shed - has fallen into disrepair, and officials estimate it will cost $50,000 to restore it. Gary Streiner, a sound engineer on Night of the Living Dead is determined to save it. Check out his plan after the jump.

Streiner is heading up a grassroots effort to raise enough money to restore the chapel. In addition to collecting donations, Streiner has arranged screenings, art shows, and zombie walks with proceeds going towards the restoration. He would like to see the chapel prettified enough to hold tours, weddings, and vow renewals on-site, and has a plan for selling engraved brick pavers. Streiner hopes to one day turn the site into a Night of the Living Dead museum.

To donate and find a way to get involved, visit