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News Article

Herbert West Sings Again -- for the First Time

We just got word that Stuart Gordon's acclaimed Re-Animator: The Musical is going to have a one-night only encore performance in Los Angeles, with a twist. The man who originated the role of Herbert West on screen, Jeffrey Combs, will join the cast -- and sing. Details after the jump.

According to a message I just received from actor Jesse Merlin, whose masterful -- and at times disembodied -- performance as Dr. Carl Hill (pictured above) is a highlight of the show, "Re-Animator: The Musical has a one-night-only songbook/concert style fundraiser for the Steve Allen Theater next Friday, December 16th. Jeff Combs is gonna sing a special solo too!  Should be a great night, and the last chance to see the show in LA for quite a while."

The Steve Allen Theater is one of the best places in LA to see a concert, a play, or a night of stand-up comedy, so those who haven't see Re-Animator: The Musical yet are hereby advised to check it out on the 16th, and help keep the theater's doors open for another year of offbeat insanity. For more, check out the Steve Allen Theater website.

Here's a number from Re-Animator performed by Merlin and the musical's Herbert West, Graham Skipper, at this year's Comic-Con...