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Hero Complex Gallery Honors 'Jaws' With Art Tribute


Hero Complex Gallery Jaws

Though there's still a few days left of Hero Complex Gallery's Walking Dead exhibit, the California-based gallery is wasting no time getting a move on their next event.  And up next, they pay tribute to one of the greatest horror films of all time; Jaws!

Titled 'Smile, You Son of a Bitch!,' the tribute features Jaws-themed artwork from nearly 100 different artists, a collaboration that's about more than merely showing off kickass art and honoring a classic.  Money raised from donations at the door will go directly to PangeaSeed, an international organization dedicated to raising public awareness about the conservation and preservation of sharks and other marine species. 

Perhaps not a cause that Chief Brody would support, given his experiences, but we must remember that Jaws was merely a work of fiction - even the book's writer, Peter Benchley, was quoted as saying that "We should be afraid of sharks half as much as sharks should be afraid of us."  The truth of that matter is that humans kill a whole lot more sharks than sharks kill humans, and PangeaSeed is all about dispelling myths and spreading education about preserving the misunderstood 'monsters.'

The opening reception takes place on Friday, November 1st, and the exhibit will run through the 3rd.  For more information, and to see all of the art once it's posted, head over to Hero Complex Gallery's website.