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'Hidden in the Woods' and 'Memory of the Dead' Get Philly Premiere


The Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (appropriately enough) is co-hosting (with Artsploitation and Danger After Dark) a double-feature of new Spanish-language films Hidden in the Woods and Memory of the Dead

Hidden in the Woods, directed by Patricio Valladares, is currently the subject of an American remake. "Ana and Anny live with their deformed brother in the Chilean countryside, after having been tortured and imprisoned by their drug dealing father. Police investigate, bullets and chainsaws fly, and the three siblings are on their own, and on the road. Their father’s boss is in pursuit, convinced that the sisters know about his supply. He unleashes an army of assassins…but amidst a world of bloody executions, roadside prostitution, sexual assault, and even cannibalism, the bodies keep on piling up. Based on a bizarre true story yet with an outrageous streak of dark comedy, this is grindhouse spirit for the 21st century."

Memory of the Dead is directed by Valentin Javier Diment. "Following the sudden death of her husband Jorge, the grieving widow Alicia assembles all of his friends to a vast country manor for a reading of Jorge’s final letter to his peers. But Alicia also has other plans in mind, for she is helping her husband return from the grave through a spell that will find all of the gathered guests forced to confront the (literal) ghosts of their individual pasts."

Both films screen on July 18th. $8 for one or $12 for both. For more details visit