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'His Name Was Jason' And He'd Like An ENCORE!


Personally, I’d like to think that Jason Voorhees has been given the largest encore in the history of encores. That slimy pond-scum of a pre-teen popped up in the 1980 Friday the 13th film’s final scene and since has spawned a standing ovation of a TV series, 11 additional films, action figures, cult followings and documentaries detailing the former. The latter of the Jason-encore spawn comes as a much talked-about documentary, His Name Was Jason, digging deep into the past 30 years of machete-on-teen violence that genre fans hold so dear. The encore Jason demands though, is that of the premium cable variety, since His Name Is Jason is now slated to premiere on ENCORE ACTION on Friday, February 13th at 9 PM EST/PST, hosted by Tom Savini! If you’re peeing a little trying to find the pennies to pay your cable bill and neglect to put two-and-two together, that’s just one day before Vantentine's Day and THE DAY (or day after you've already Fandango'd your midnight tickets) the Friday the 13th redux hits theaters nationwide.

So if you’re like me, you better hurry the hell up and upgrade your cable package because missing His Name Is Jason on ENCORE will leave you with recession Jason. And recession Jason still lives with his mom (hey Pam) and begs nubile young campers for change…sans the machete.

His Name Is Jason hits DVD on February 3rd.