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News Article

Holiday Sweaters Get Scary - On Purpose


Holiday sweaters have long been the bane of many kids' existence. They are bulky, they are itchy, and they are definitely not cool. No one looks good in them. I just assume now that every single holiday sweater is worn ironically. Every Christmas party I have been invited to in the last decade or so has had an "ugly holiday sweater" theme.

Shredders Knit Apparel is here to help, by making ugly holiday sweaters ironic on purpose. They are "taking it back" as they say. In the style of traditional ugly X-Mas sweaters, you can now get them with designs that include bigfoot, Krampus, and Satanic themes. You will impress your friends, and you could probably even wear these to your family holiday dinners. Old Aunt Edna is nearly blind now, right? Stay in the shadows and she just might mistake that demon for a reindeer.

The sweaters are available for pre-order from Shredders (never to early to plan for the holidays). Each sweater will set you back about $80, but these are definitely sweaters you can wear for years to come.