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Horror Decor Launching New Line of Horror Movie-Inspired Candles


Horror Decor Candles

Though primarily known for their pillows, Horror Decor also specializes in unique home decor of all kinds, including clocks, lampshades, placemats and pot holders. They've also got a line of horrific candles, ranging from the grotesque urine sample candle to the macabre bloody eyeball candle. Next week, they're launching a brand new line of scented candles, which are set to bring delightful horror movie-inspired scents into your home.

Five candles comprise the new line, ranging from the marshmallow-scented Ghostbusters candle to the Street Trash-inspired Tenafly Viper candle, which fittingly releases an intoxicating scent of booze. Also included in the line are candles inspired by The Shining, The Stuff and Soylent Green, with the latter one coming equipped with a unique beef jerky scent. Soylent Green is people, after all.

The candles are available for pre-order on February 24th, and you can learn more about each individual one over on Horror Decor!