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Horror Decor Releasing 'Basket Case'-Inspired Pillow 'My Lil Belial'



There are many companies that have sprouted up in recent years to cater to fans like ourselves, and one of my favorite of those companies is Horror Decor.  Looking to give horror fans more than posters and action figures to display in their homes and bedrooms, Horror Decor was started back in 2006 to liven up our living spaces by offering us all sorts of fun decorative items, everything from candles to clocks, bed sheets to pot holders.

The bread and butter of the company in recent years has turned out to be their pillows, and you will currently find on their website nearly 100 different ones, inspired by films like The Shining, Hellraiser and even The Human Centipede.  The high quality of their pillows has made them a staple in the horror fan’s home these last couple years, and the company has been doing a bang up job in continuing to deliver the most unique and awesome pillows our weary heads have ever had the pleasure of laying down on.

This year in particular has seen the release of some of Horror Decor’s finest offerings to date, many of which have been the result of collaborations with different websites and artists – including renowned artist “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin, who’s got a line of Halloween inspired pillows currently up for grabs on the site.

Up next the company teams up with the website Strange Kids Club for what is no doubt their most unique and impressive pillow yet.  In fact, it’s somewhat of an understatement to even call it a pillow, because it’s quite frankly so much more.  It’s a friend… a companion… and the brother you always wished you had!

It was in 1982 that Frank Henenlotter won over horror fans with his debut film Basket Case, launching his career and cementing himself as the go-to guy for seriously sick and perverse horror-comedies.  The story of a man named Duane and his hideous basket-dwelling Siamese twin brother Belial, who were separated against their will as kids, Basket Case was made on a budget of just over $30,000 and spawned two sequels - one in 1990 and the other in 1991.  This year, thanks to a partnership between Horror Decor and Strange Kids Club, the twisted tale also spawns its very own pillow!

A big time fan of the film that introduced us to the loveable monster Belial, Strange Kids Club’s owner Rondal Scott teamed up with artist Nathan Thomas Milliner for his website’s first collaboration with the company.  Milliner has in recent years become one of the most well-known and respected artists working within the genre, his artwork for HorrorHound Magazine and Scream Factory breathing new life into many films that we’ve all loved for so many years.  Scott felt that Milliner’s eye for “grotesque realism” would lend itself perfectly to bringing Henenlotter’s disturbing creation to life, and boy does it ever.

Measuring 12”x12”, the My Lil Belial pillow is quite a bit different than Horror Decor’s usual offerings.  Rather than merely printing Milliner’s art onto a pillow, they actually used it to form a three dimensional cuddly version of the character, fabric printed on both sides so you get 360 degrees of globular grossness.  When I asked Rondal what it is about Basket Case that he’s so drawn to, he told me that the film marked a time when horror movies could be fun, and it doesn’t get much more fun than what he and Milliner whipped up with this loving tribute to one of his favorite films!

My Lil Belial is limited to only 25 and will go up for grabs on October 3rd at 10:30am, exclusively over on Horror Decor.  If Horror Decor’s past limited edition releases are any indication, Belial won’t last long, so be sure to snatch him up as soon as you possibly can.  Each one will be selling for $35 apiece. 

Oh and be sure also to make sure you’ve got a basket waiting for him when he arrives on your doorstep, so that he feels right at home in your home.  You wouldn’t want to piss Belial off, now would you?