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News Article

The Horror of Leap Year Part 14 - 'Attack of the Killer Kitty'


Today's Leap Day – the one holiday that doesn't have a horror movie devoted to it. To correct that situation, we've asked each and every FEARnet employee to submit a pitch for a FEARnet film they would make that's based on, inspired by, or entitled 'Leap Year'. Our next proposal comes from Jacky Gaer. Check it out below.

Attack of the Killer Kitty

Starring: Russell Gaer

There was a 92 year old cat man named Adam. He had several dozen kitties. They were all a little timid and scared! He had one cat that actually stood out of the crowd as being the lover and cuddler. His name was Bissextile, as he was born on February 29th.  Adam had no family and no friends, which is why he became obsessed with cats. One day, Adam never woke up. For the next several weeks, no one discovered his body. Finally a neighbor was wondering why these cats were roaming the neighborhood looking for food.  When the neighbor discovered the decomposed, badly scratched up body, he called the cops. Once Adam's body was removed from the house and all the cats were placed in a shelter, the house went up for sale. A young newlywed couple, Tabitha and James purchased the house. They had been made aware of the previous owner and his living conditions. They did not learn that one of the kitties was left behind.  Bissextile instantly became obsessed with the newlyweds so they decided to keep him. A few years later, Bissextile became very agitated and enraged. He started running around the house, climbing the curtains, and destroying the beds.  James walked in the door from work that evening to discover what looked like a tornado went through his house. Just as James turned the corner, Bissextile flew through the air and clung to his face and started scratching and scratching. James fell to the ground, unable to see as his eyes were scratched and covered in blood. Since Tabitha was on a tight March 1st deadline, she had to stay at work super late to finish a project. Tabitha didn't get home until 4am to discover her house in a mess and her husband badly wounded (but not dead) on the floor. Bissextile was sitting on the couch purring and wanting to be pet like he had done nothing wrong. After that day, Bissextile showed no signs of aggression. Tabitha and James started investigating this behavior.

Hmm... On February 29th, Bissextile attacked, and now thinking back to the old man Adam, the cops had mentioned he was badly scratched up and died roughly 4 years before. Could it be a leap year devil hiding inside this sweet, innocent cat?