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The Horror of Leap Year Part 17 - 'The Leap'


Today's Leap Day – the one holiday that doesn't have a horror movie devoted to it. To correct that situation, we've asked each and every FEARnet employee to submit a pitch for a FEARnet film they would make that's based on, inspired by, or entitled 'Leap Year'. Our next proposal comes from Katie Townley. Check it out below.

The Leap

It's 2008. Four teenagers, - Billy, Mike, Christine and Wendy - go on a winter trip to a cabin during February of their senior year of high school. They are all going to separate colleges, so they know this might be the last time the four of them will be able to be together as close as they were all through high school. At the cabin, they're drinking, partying, and sharing stories of their favorite memories as friends together.

The next morning, they decide to rent snowmobiles and drive out into a remote part of snowy mountains. Billy, always being the adventurous one, speeds off on his own to discover some caves ahead. The other three, laughing and shaking their heads, know Billy is crazy and are worried, but at the same time know he loves adventure and taking things further. After a few minutes of riding around, they realize they can no longer hear the engine of Billy's snowmobile. They head over to the caves to look for him, but he's nowhere to be found. They frantically look for him, call in the forest rangers and a search team, but he is never found. The three are devastated, and eventually head home without Billy, without knowing what happened to him. They graduate high school and head off in their own directions to college.

Four years later, the three are getting ready to graduate college. They have kept in touch a little over Facebook, but they really haven't been close since what happened to Billy. He was always the strongest personality of the group and kept everyone together.

On a winter day of their senior year in college, Mike, Christine and Wendy decide to go back for a reunion at the cabin. They are reluctant to go back, as they are still devastated by what happened four years ago, but to preserve Billy's memory, they each decide to travel back to the cabin. When they get there, they are happy to see each other and are sharing stories of what their lives are like now, and eventually get back to talking about their favorite high school memories again, just like the last time. They all start to get their own sense of déjà vu. At first, their swept up in the emotion of the reunion, but then other details about the cabin start to become exactly as they were four years ago. All the details are too spot-on and they start to wonder if there is something supernatural happening. Is Billy sending them a message?

They decide to take snowmobiles over to the caves where Billy disappeared. Along the way, they see erratic tracks in the snow. They know it couldn't have been possible for Billy to have survived in the caves this whole time, and he had such a promising future ahead of him they know he wouldn't have run away, but they are overwhelmed by his presence, almost like he never left.

Mike, determined to find out what happened to his best friend, goes into the caves against the advice of his friends. He encounters treacherous conditions, but overwhelmed by a mixture of grief and hope, he continues on.  He eventually gets to a point in the cave with a bright but warm light. When he tries to travel through it, his body seems stiff and heavy. No matter how hard he tries, he can't travel through it alone.

He goes back out to get Wendy and Christine. He know it will sound crazy, but he thinks Billy, or at least his spirit, is inside this cave, but he can't go through alone. He needs the strength of his friends, and they need to recreate the day they were there and make the day play out differently to save his friend.

After much debate, the four hop on their snowmobiles and go into the caves. Mike, who has already been through half the journey, helps Wendy and Christine navigate, but they still struggle. Christine gets injured and nearly dying on the journey. Eventually, Wendy stops things and assesses what they are even doing. Christine is badly hurt, they're out in the middle of nowhere. Are they really going to risk losing another friend on this crazy theory Mike got?

Just then, the cave starts to crumble. They are going to be buried alive. They race through the cave on their snowmobiles, and just ahead they see the glimpse of the warm light Mike saw earlier. As they travel through the light the realize it's the other side of the cave and they realize they are going to make it out the other side. As they whiz out one by one, barely missing their death, they spin out into a safe clearing, and just before the collapse completely closes off the exit, they intensely watch the cave. All of a sudden, a fourth snowmobile blasts out of the cave.

They think it's impossible. Could it really be Billy? Could he have been trapped in another dimension for four years? The mystery driver is bundled up in snow gear, but as he pulls up closer to the other three, he reveals himself to them. They are overwhelmed with excitement, but Billy doesn't understand why. After talking, they realize that Billy thinks it's that day back in high school. They think maybe he got stuck in the remote mountains and went crazy.

They travel back to the cabin, still confused by everything, and Christine's wounds are serious but she is being taken care of. Eventually, Mike turns on the television and realizes it is February 29, 2008, the day Billy had originally disappeared. They discover that they were drawn back to the magical cave that allowed them to travel back in time and save their friend, and because he disappeared on Leap Day, this would be their only chance in four years to exactly recreate what had happened that day. Amazed in disbelief, they are so happy to have saved their friend, but they know they can't stay in 2008. They know the four of them have to travel back to the cave, the four of them together, to get back to the warm light. After much debate, worried that the cave has been completely destroyed from the earlier collapse, they finally decide they have to try.

When they get there, Billy starts to have memories of what happened when he got stuck in the first place, he helps his friends navigate through and find their way through the other side. They safely make it back to 2012, all four of them.