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The Horror of Leap Year Part 18 - 'The Defective Year'


Today's Leap Day – the one holiday that doesn't have a horror movie devoted to it. To correct that situation, we've asked each and every FEARnet employee to submit a pitch for a FEARnet film they would make that's based on, inspired by, or entitled 'Leap Year'. Our next proposal comes from Kiesha McCorry. Check it out below.

The Defective Year




Daughter – Twin born on Leap Year

Son – Twin born on Leap Year

Pregnant mother who is carrying twins.  She delivered on February 29th and while the girl was born, the boy died shortly after childbirth. 

The mother mourned her boy's death for the first 2 years but slowly went back to a normal life.  She focused as much attention as she could on her daughter and exceeded at being the best mother and wife she could.  She packed all of the boys birthing clothes and small amount of toys they bought before his death and put them in the attic.

On the fourth year after her sons' death on the birth and death date, she visits the attic and unpacks the box.  She is not there to mourn but to celebrate.  As she opens the box she hears a boy's laugh and talking to her as if the child knows her.  It is her son and he has come back to see her.  Although it's only for one day.  One special day on leap year.  Every four years the mother has a secret date with her son that died at birth, and when she had her that time with her son he was at the proper current age as the other twin.  The Mother kept her meetings a secret from her Daughter and Husband.  She knew that if she spoke of this time out loud they would think she was crazy.  Because she was so "normal" her family allowed her that birthday to herself to mourn the son.

As time progressed the mother had the opportunity to see her boy through all the milestones of life.  But by age 16, he didn't want to be visited only once every 4 years.  He wanted to be alive.  And began to tell his Mother that is was a possibility.  All he needed was a new soul, any person to be "deposited" into the birth box before the end of  his Leap Year birthdate and he would be free. 

For four years after (Son) 16th birthday the Mother was on the hunt for a soul.  She was not a violent person so she figured she could get a job EMT ward with the hopes of taking an already dead person as the "offering".  She also worked in the baby ward with the hopes of a getting a dead baby to offer.  This "job" begins to turn in to an obsession and begins her unraveling.  She truly thinks that she can have her life and kids back to how she thought it was supposed to be.

2 years before she is to see the son on his 18 birthday she begins to have violent dreams involving her son.  He is no longer the sweet child she had met every 4 years but a more sinister evil person who demands to be released.  He tells her can't wait anymore to get out.  In each dream he appears to be in more and more pain.  Her beautiful boy is slowly changing.  His face takes on a distorted melted look and his teeth are becoming sharp, bunched, dirty like fangs.  In each dream he turns more and more horrific.  She is also turning more violent.  She has thoughts of killing baby's, old people, just about any person for their soul.  Are they visions, dreams, or reality?  She is now thinking of killing her own Daughter for the Son.

On the night before the "birthday" Mom wakes crazed, sweaty, and bleary eyed.  She drags her daughter out of bed, gags her, and ties up her legs and arms.  The Mother doesn't even hear her screaming.  Everything is silent in her head.  She takes the daughter to the attic where the old box is.  She must put a dead body in the box, to stop the scary visions, nightmares, and torment from the Son.

Mother holds up knife to stab daughter and everything goes black.

Final scene:  The mother has actually killed herself and is lying in the box. 

You hear sirens and police outside.  Far off a TV is on and you overhear the news and an anchorman:  "Relief has come today for another family.  A young boy who was thought to be dead has returned home after going missing for 18 years."  Where has he been?  We will also follow up with the record number of unsolved missing persons that are now "solved" all around the world today."